Disk Herniations and Spinal Decompression Therapy Relief Programs

Herniated Disks in the Cervical (Neck) or Lumbar Spine (Low Back) are becoming an all too often seen problem.

It may be a result of an injury, an auto accident, a fall, lifting something light or heavy in the wrong manner. Workout injuries are also very responsible for Disk Herniations, as well as, more and more sitting working on the computer for hours which loads an already stressed out spine and its disks, causing the disks to be torqued, which over time causes micro tears to your disks which eventually causes the disk to give and its inner disk material to escape into your spinal canal, causing the tingling, numbness and massive pain, tingling and numbness is often felt as a result!

One of the biggest weaknesses to your spinal disks can come from a "Dysfunctional Psoas Pattern", which over time creates a stressful torque on your spinal disks and begins to cause micro-tears to the disk leading to disk herniations.

The good news is that we now offer a specific approach to resolving your problem with an 86% plus success rate, without surgery and/or its scarring!

Surgery should be a very last resort, as it often doesn't offer the result one would expect with its high rate of failed low back surgery.

The specific approach we offer is called "Spinal Decompression Therapy."

While going through school, we were taught that once a disk is herniated, there wasn't much that could be done and when it got bad enough, surgery would be necessary. The problem was the rate of Failed Low Back Surgery was too often a normal consequence.

Now with Spinal Decompression Therapy - THE RULES HAVE CHANGED! The results are truly remarkable - with patients that couldn't move or walk or work out any more being able to return to a normal life and best of all - WITHOUT SURGERY.

Additionally, when we have started using Spinal Decompression Therapy for Degenerative Disk Disease, we saw the same consistent results, as a results we started to apply the same procedure as a preventative technique when there is evidence that your disks are being damaged, even if you don't have that excruciating pain yet, as often seen with Disk Herniations.

So, if you have been having excruciating pain with or without tingling and numbness down your arms or legs and have been told or considering spinal surgery because of one or multiple herniated disks... you need to check this out first!

You'll be glad you did like all of our other patients!

Remember, surgery has side effects and is permanent! Spinal Decompression Therapy is a great alternative to this!

I want to personally invite you to come check out this new technology and receive a Free Sample Session just by mentioning that you read it on our Website!

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